Stamina for education

It is crucial to give advice, analyze, plan and educate educational professionals and administrations all over the world from the Finnish perspective of education. Contemporary Finnish education model and solutions are social-inclusive, democratic. They create educated people who can think and develop. These people can create welfare and stability in the society because they can respect themselves and other and see themselves as actors who care about the future.

Finnish education is world-famous. Finnish education is a role-model for many countries that cultivate contemporary democratic values in the society. There are several states and institutions that are passionate about the educational questions and methods. They are willing to invest in education, get financing for it, and need help.
Anckar Stamina takes assignments directly from the clients that can be either a national organization or individual educational institutions. They can also be international organizations that have educational developmental projects in developing countries.

The national level

The consultancy in creation of the central educational organization in a country
Educational tourism: trips to benchmark Nordic countries
Development of one level of education, such as higher, vocational, upper-secondary, secondary, pre-school educations

The institutional level

Organizational development
Economic development
Smart school premises
Teacher training
Educational leadership and change management
Research and inquiries

The contemporary Finnish educational values guide the development. The education is preparing the students for the future competences and aims at democracy. The student empowerment is vital, and learning is in the focus of everything. The education model and implementation are well-planned and there are criteria and quality in the system. Teachers have a good command of contemporary methods. Schools are modern and contribute to the development of the country.